Cannot verify identity



I just installed the Revolut app (Android) and created an account. Now that i launch the app the only thing I’m allowed to do is verifying my identity, which I’m not able to do…
I tried using my identity card, but document scan does not work: scanning the main side is successful, but on the back side the app never takes the picture and I’m stuck here!
I also tried with my driving license. Picture taking is manual here so worked fine. But after uploading documents I got a message saying it was unable to verify my identity, even though pictures looked correct.

It seems I cannot do anything on the app as long as my identity has not been verified. Even contacting the support throws me back to id verification…

How can I get out of this situation ?


Hello @lougi73,

We have messaged you in the in-app chat. Are you able to see our messages?


Andreas K.

Verify Identity problem

No I don’t have access to the chat.
I actually received message notifications but clicking on those redirects me to the main app page where the “Please help us to keep your account safe” message is displayed. I can’t see the message or answer it.
Clicking on the “tap here” link to access chat ends up right back to this main page.


Can you reinstall the app?


I already did. It did not change anything.


I tricked the app by clicking randomly, as quick as possible, on other menus (My Card, Profile…) during the short amount of time I had access to the (loading) chat before being redirected to the main app page. This trick does not always work but I got to the chat window by doing this.
So I finally read your messages and answered them.


Thank you for for your feedback. We will investigate this.

Glad it’s all sorted :slight_smile:


Well that’s actually not quite all sorted. I’m still battling to access the chat (like I said, my trick isn’t a sure thing, many attempts are needed) and I cannot really use the app.
My account remains in a “locked” state as my identity has not been verified. The chat conversation has been closed (due to my inactivity) and I have had no news since I answered the received messages.


Apologies, I have misread. I thought you managed to verify your account. I will send you a direct message.


Hi Andreas,

i have quite same problem, but with “Verify your card”.I’m battling to access the chat. Clicking on the “tap here” link to access chat ends up right back to this main page. Unfortunately at the moment when I want to verify the card system fails scan/recognize card.



I am experiencing the same issue with my spanish ID (NIE) verification via iPhone app. Scanning process works with a front of the ID but does not work with the back as the app is not able to take a picture.

I have already contacted with the support team, but it is already a day passed and no one contacted with me.

Will appreciate if someone from the support team could help me with tackling the issue or providing the other way to verufy my identity (via e-mail ant etc.).



As I can see your account is verified :slight_smile:


Exactly so. A charming lady from the support team contacted with me via the app chat at the same day I published a note here, she asked me to attach my ID and my photo with the ID to the catch up session, and in 10 minutes my accout was verified.

But I am not sure that the bug has been fixed at the moment.



Same problem as ddk. It’s not possible to me to scan my spanish identity card. After 15 minutes, no scan has been made.:sweat:

Is it possible to veriify my identity by email please?



Have you tried contacting the in-app support? :slight_smile:


Yes I did it. No response by now.


You have to wait a little as they’re pretty busy usually… you could also DM @RevolutApp on Twitter, they respond more quickly there :smiley:


Ok I’ll wait.

No twitter account :disappointed:

Many thanks


Your trust level on here is “new user” so you can’t DM yet :wink: but I’ll tag @AndreasK , he could help you out!


Very kind of you: :slight_smile:

Many thanks.

Edit: problem solved!

I really appreciate your kind help.

Best wishes.