Cannot verify identity due to beard

I grew quite a large (and distinguished) beard since I took my passport photo. I don’t have any other form of identification. The app says that it cannot verify my identity after many attempts - I don’t want to shave my beard so is there another way someone can take a look and verify that I am who I am?



Can you use another ID document ( driving licence, passport… )?

Maybe the simplier way is to redo your ID :frowning: , or your driving licence since it may be a little quicker.

Goof luck :slight_smile:

Try to contact support in app :wink:
They will do manual verification for you👍
Expect some waiting times for support .
Make sure you type: ** live agent** to get past Chatbot :slight_smile:


her name is Rita, not “chatbot”



I know ,but easier to say chatbot cause it’s in chat :joy:
Otherwise next question would be- “ who is Ritabot “ :joy:

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And here we are, using “her” or “he” for bots :scream:
They will rise and take over the world :scream: #skynet

Seriously though, a live agent should indeed be able to help you. People shouldn’t have to redo their ID every time they grow a beard or shave :sweat_smile:


thanks I’ll try that


live agent will do it. Otherwise maybe one member of :r: support can contact you via PM.

PS. probably the best “bug” I read about so far :wink:


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I too am having a problem. Not only are the photos on my driving licence and passport quite old and my face has shrunk with age a bit! But, I also now have a beard. I’ve had a very slow chat conversation without any material help but was told to try again which I’ve done. Not a very full-proof system for a company/bank which has grown fast. Also there no longer seems to be a chat facility on the app. Quite a job finding the support. Would have been disastrous had I been abroad.

Im in the same boat now, can’t access the app due to my face no longer matching.

Can only chat in the app, which I obviously can’t access.

Anyone figure a way around this?