Cannot verify identity - dark camera

Hi there!
I have ordered my card and it’s on its way. I tried verifying my identity - uploaded my driving license successfully but when it came to uploaded a picture of myself the camera was so dark and I could not take a clear picture at all. My front camera isn’t broken, it works fine!!
Is there anything I can do, any suggestions etc

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You have tried different lighting conditions, right?

thin your photo with software

Yeah I tried every room in my house, it’s completely dark, even with every light on!!
Unsure why this has happened, my front camera works perfectly fine

Sure have, still very very dark even with every light on!

Maybe outside during the day?

So generally you dont think it is an issue of the camera but rather the combination application and camera? Which phone do you have in use?

No, definitely not the camera itself. I checked my front camera on multiple apps and it’s fine.
I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S5.
I’ve attached a picture of what I mean, this was taken in a brightly lit room at home with the main light and lamp on!

Hmm, I am sorry dont know what to suggest either at this point. I did the verification with an Android phone too, but it was a different model and an older version of the application.

Did you contact Revolut’s support already? Alternatively, really try to take it outside during daytime.

Thank you anyway!
I’ve messaged the support people on the in app chat :blush:

I can see you have managed to verify your account!

Hooray :slight_smile: