Cannot verify card


I have the option to verify my card, and I have my 4 digit code from my statement. However it doesn’t work. The app always states "Incorrect Code or Card… You have 4 attempts remaining. Further to that, it doesnt matter how many times I enter in that or any code, I still always have “4 attempts remaing”!

Talking to Revolut chat support was no help. They suggested “clearing the cache” but i dont think you can do that on iOS, or at least I don’t know how.

I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the app, no help.

Any ideas?


How many topups have you done?
Please ensure that this is code from your last topup


Hi, well i’ve done about 6 or 7 top ups. The code is the same for each one…


I was thinking of deleting the card and re-registering it…


I would try to clean cache (or app’s data even- but in another thread @alessandro claims that’s better to avoid it). Of course besides of re-add card to the app.


If you cannot do it by yourself, better try via the in-app chat or drop a direct message to one of the forum moderators. They might help. That’s how i verified my card.


I only advised against it as that would require a fresh logon and some people then encounter problems - apart from that, no reason not to do it :slight_smile:


OK so deleted the card and reregistered it. Topped up a small sum. It’s popped up on my bank statement already… but no code. Do i need to make a few more top ups before a code appears?

Also whilst im on the line, can I ask how would you clean the cache for this app on an iphone?

And if all else fails how do I go about contacting a forum moderator directly?


For the code look into pending transaction in your bank too. It has to be. In some banks code appears when the transaction has done status. This info is provided in each topup.

I am sorry but I am an Android user, so I cannot give you direct answer but…

To contact with anybody on this forum you can just send him/ her Direct Message (blue button which is available after you click/ tap on his/her name. It is available after 24h from your joining to this community). You can summoning anybody using @ then his/ her name- i.e. @palgone in your case :wink:


Hi there. No worries, an agent can confirm the card manually. Reach out to our in-app support team and type “Live Agent.”