Cannot verify account/ add funds


I have tried verifying by using my VISA bank card to add £20 to my Revolut account, it says “The payment could not be authorised”. The card is in my name. I do not have another bank card in my name.
I am also unable to create a local bank transfer because im not verified.
Any help appreciated


Hey @bean :slight_smile:

Is the card you’re trying to top-up with a prepaid one? If not, is it 3DSecure enabled? :wink:


The debit card is a Lloyds bank card, so its not prepaid. Not sure if it is 3DSecure but it does have “Lloyds Bank ClickSafe®”


Clicksafe is Lloyds name for 3DSecure.


The first time I used a Lloyds debit card to top up it failed, and triggered Lloyds fraud detection algorithm.

They (Lloyds) sorted it quickly on a call and it worked from then on in


Thanks for clarifying


Thanks for letting me know, ill try calling them later.
Do you remember the number by any chance?
Thanks again


Think I just called the general number on the back of the card. Hope it works for you :slightly_smiling_face:


alright, cheers
thanks for the help