Cannot verification more than one day!

Hi there, I’m a new member of revolut card. Yesterday I received my revolut card, so i tried to verification. But waiting more than one day. ( it should be done between 10 mins to 1 hour, isn’t it? )
I called to tel:+442033228352 the Telephone recorder just said my card had be locked. Seriously? Do any one have an idea about it?

Well, that number is used to block your card :wink:

Where are you based? What have you tried in regard to verification so far? Have you been in contact with support?

Thank you for replying.
I’m now in uk. I tried to chatting with them online, yesterday and today. No one replied…

And also, when I clicked “ try again “ to re-send my photos / passport photo. But not work, just show me “ we’re currently reviewing… “ on my page.

Now in the UK? Is the account with a British address? If so, you might be able to verify it with a top-up from a British debit card. If that does not work or you dont have a UK address in your account you’d need to go via the traditional way.

When you talked to support, did you go past their chatbot by typing “live agent”?

yes, with a uk address. But i didn’t have uk bank account before.
I was topping up 10 pounds with credit card when i created this account.

live agent ? Is not “ chat to us online “ ?

I cant tell if it works with a credit card? Is it one issued by a British bank?

Thats it, but by default you only talk to their chatbot whose helpfulness is … limited :). Type “live agent” to get connected to a human (if that doesnt work either, type first “resolved” to reset it). Though still expect some waiting time (can be up to a few hours).

Hey, thank you :slight_smile: It’s really useful. I type live agent, there came a robot Rita. And then i tried resolved. There came a real human. But she left the chatting without replied me or said goodbye :frowning:

Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat shortly.