cannot use my card

I have a new account, new this week. I have topped it up and converted pounds to Euros.

I tried two ATMs in Spain both declined my card//

The first Bank BANKIA tried to convert the transaction from pounds to Euros despite only having Euros in my account. The second bank Sabadell declined the transaction three times.

Question whats happemning and what is the solution please

Ask Customer Services via the in app Chat feature.

Yes Russ thanks for your reply. That is all well and good but they are not
there until Monday morning and I Have been without access to funds since
Friday evening. Surely they can do better than this in way of customer
service. Hey Nan even my bank has a 24 hour help line. What do you thinks

Thx David

How much did you top it up?
£750 is the limit for new accounts before the verification process is completed.
Don’t forget, you get what you pay for, and :r:evolute charge you nothing for their service.


.I have complied with every thing and topped up my card below the limit you
mention. The fact they have no charges is why I am with them all I ask now
is that the system works as the say it does…so far it does not and has
left me without access to my lawful funds.

Hello @David10b,

Could you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account so I can take a look at what’s going on?


Andreas K.

Yes you did but I have not had confirmation that the system is working so
I don’t know. Please tell me.

Also there are things coming to light now that we’re not clear when I
applied for the card and if they were I would not have wanted the card.

Please tell me if this is the case that during one year I can only put a
£1000 on my card. If so that is of no use to me. For example when I go to
the States I can easily spend $600 a week etc.

A more flexible and user friendly customer service would be helpful as ai
have been without assistance nor money since late Friday,

You confirmation would be welcomed. Best David

There is a 750£ transaction limit after which our users have to verify their identity with us. That was your case. Once you’ve passed your ID check, your top-up limits will be increased to a much higher annual threshold.

If you’re referring to ATM withdrawals: Free up to £500 (or equivalent) per calendar month, 2% thereafter.

Apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


Andreas K.

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Ok Andreas thx for that info, are we up,and running now? I have not been to
the bank yet as I always enjoy a siesta after a good family lunch

The one thing I don’t like in my great life is a problem and I do all I can
to avoid them, somI can appreciate your security efforts, but not the fact
that I have no contact and no money for two days.

Please kindly confirm I can now use the ATMs

One more thing the Bankia ATM even though declining the transaction,
initially attempted to convert Stering rates. That one got me beat. Why did
it do this when there was no mention of a Sterling transaction.

Thx David.

Your account has been locked by our automated security system, once you have verified your ID, then your card and your account is active again.

You can use your card now.

Just be be sure once I have drawn down what is in my account can I top up
again. If I draw over 500€ In one month ai have no objection to paying a
small fee. Can you please direct me to all the conditions that apply.

Thx David

Sorry the body was so short but there are a very few ways of saying thx
Andreas cheers David

Hi Andeas I trust you are well. Still ha I got a problem I used the card in
the gas station, very embarrassing as its been gas station for the past 15
years, it was declined. I went on to my local supermarket. But this time I
asked the assistant to try the card explaining that I Just had a problem
with in the gas station.

The card went through A-OK.

I will go down to the ATM in a while and try to draw cash…keep you
posted est David

Please contact me before the banks open in the morning this is a serious
issue that need to be sorted fast thanks David

Dear Andeas what this bank has done and the charges imposed are clearly a
breach of the rules. Why would they even want to consider a Sterling
transaction from a Euro account. The transaction was clear as from their
ATM screen they gave my option amounts and I choose 400€. You can’t get any
clearer or straightforward than that can you.

I would ask you to please block/stop this transaction immediately and
please give me an explanation of how this happened. My son has probably
contacted you as well on this matter .

Thank you David.

Hello @David10b,

Sounds like the ATM applied FX charges and converted your balance to GBP and then back to Euros. Do you have the receipt? There is no any fee on our end.

Hi Andreas yes this it. John my son has sent you photo copies of the ATM
receipts. Last night I withdrew 400 Euros. It came up on the screen pluse
the screen with the 1,8 ATM fee as you will see on the receipt and asked if
I wanted to continue I pressed yes.

That shouldn’t have been that, in fact as it was this morning when I
Withdrew 40 Euros. I will come back to this below.

This morning I went to the bank and saw Snr Jose Escriva, fortunately I
speak Spanish as there was no way this man was going to be helpful.,he
would not believe my Revolut Card was in Euros insisting it must be in
pounds and argued the point. I was not prepared to get into an argument but
insisted he was incorrect and that he checked ,ATM machine, he went and
then came back insisting there was no fault on the bank. I then produced my
receipt and showed him the first entry which clearly shows the transaction
made and where It clear States amount of Transaction 401.80 Euros.

I was not prepared to leave until he explained how Sterling ever came into
the equation as it was a straight forward Euro withdrawal.
At this stage I requested that he physically came outside to the ATM and
Imshowed him exactly the procedure I followed last night. Only this time I
choose the lowest option being 40 Euros…it came up on the screen as
41.80 and asked if I Wanted to proceed. I pressed yes and took the money.
No fuss no hassle and no mention of Sterling.

Again I asked why Sterling was even brought in to the transaction. He gave
no answer. I requested a refund he typical shrugged his shoulders with
palms held open, typical Spanish style.

I could see Inwas not going to get any further forward, but told him I
would report the incident to the Regultory Bofy in the Bank of Spain.

Andreas at no time did I Authorise this transaction with Sterling involved
I mean why would I? The whole point of my Revolut Card is to cut costs not
to incur more.

However the bottom line has to be the Question of Why Sterling ever came
into the transaction when my recept clearly states AMOUNT OF TRANSACTION
401.80 Euros.

Should it be possible to decline this transaction I will. Please let me

Finally I am sorry for these problem. I detest problems, any problems, as I
try to make my life run sweet and problem free.

Best wishes David

Hello @David10b,

Just to clarify, Revolut card is a multi currency card. The ATM has recognised that your card is a multi currency card so it has offered a choice to select the currencies for the payments, and as I can see from the receipt you have not selected the local currency. You should always choose to be charged in the local currency. Otherwise the ATMs apply their FX rates.

Unfortunately, under these circumstances we’re not able to raise a chargeback on your behalf to recoup the difference.

Please check this out:

Best Wishes,

Andreas K.

Yes that’s ok Andeas there is alway a cop out isn’t there?

If you had read the receipt, and I Have it in front of me, it

Now common sense should tell you that is what I accepted. The transaction
should have stopped there.Thats obvious. Why then did Sterling come into
the transaction when it was already agreed the amount of the operation in
total was 401.80 €. Including bank charges

Clearly I would not accept an exchange rate of 1, 080546 when I had
already charged my chard at 1.12€. If offered that I would not have
accepted it in any event.

To me something is very wrong here.

Sincerely David

I am really frustrated with Revolut!! I have had the same problem and have been trying to contact Revolut on the chat support and no one answers me. I have been trying since Saturday. officially it says on the app that your chat service is open on weekends too apparently not! Now it is Tuesday and still no answer. I am trying to send my son money and this has not been possible for over four days! Can someone please call me on fixed line +44 1451 850350!!! I have no cel coverage where I am located now.