Cannot Top Up using my MasterCard

I was able to top up using my MasterCard without any problem but now I receive this message when I try to top up: “Your top-up request was declined by your bank. Please contact the CARD PAYMENT DIVISION of your bank before retrying.”
Can anyone help?

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Sounds like your bank have blocked it’s use on Revolut. Have you tried contacting them?

Hey @Bendola :slight_smile:

That’s the message I get when there’s not enough available balance in my top-up card :wink:
(sigh, happens more often than I’d wish)

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I have enough money in my MasterCard but I think maybe my bank have blocked Revolut after the Brexit. I have a Belgian bank account. I shall contact the bank and see.

Is it a Credit Card? Some bank bans :r: type top ups as it is a cash advance which is against their rules.

Yes, it is. Unfortunately if I want to top up via bank transfer, then I need to go one of my bank branches and do the transfer as my bank do not allow online transfers to non European countries (I mean countries not in the European union).

Hi there. If you get in touch with your bank and explain that you authorise transactions to Revolut, they should be able to lift the limitations off your card.