Cannot Top Up Phone With Revolut Card



I have been trying to top up my phone with my Revolut Mastercard for the entire day with no success. I have never used my Revolut card for a phone top-up before, but when I enter all the necessary details and try to process the transaction, I receive a notification that the transaction has been declined by the bank.

Thereafter, the transaction doesn’t show up on my Revolut statement (it is not even seen as ‘pending’ - it is merely not there) and when I contacted Support they informed me that this has to be a system error (which they speculated could be caused by network connectivity, but I great great network connection so that cannot be the case) and that I should try again later.

I’m at a loss for what I could do. I would appreciate advice.



Hello @Nika :slight_smile:

Which top-up provider are you using?

Some will not accept cards which are not 3DSecure enabled, and some others, at least in Spain, will authorise the amount of the top-up and then charge it again (that requires having 2x the amount of money you want to top-up on your :r: account) :frowning:

For example, if you want to top-up 10 euros to Republica Movil in Spain, they will “freeze” 10 euros, then charge you 10 euros and then release the first 10 euros. If you don’t have 20 euros in total, it will fail, even if you have enough balance.

Might any of these two reasons be your problem? :slight_smile:


Hi Julio,

Thanks for replying! I’ve been trying to top up via the English O2 network.

After I contacted Revolut support, they checked all my pending transactions for me and confirmed that the top ups that have been declined didn’t even register in their system. There were no frozen transactions waiting to be released, so to speak. Similarly, an insufficient balance couldn’t have been the problem this time around either, even if they tried to charge me twice.

I don’t know whether O2 doesn’t accept cards that are not 3DSecure enabled, but the network provider merely notified me that the transaction has been declined - not that they declined the transaction for whatever reason.

I’m still a bit of Revolut newbie, so I have no idea as to what I should do in this situation. Is it even possible to top up via the phone at this point? Should I just keep on trying to top up?


Hello again @Nika :smiley:

From the O2 forums, it seems they do request the card to have 3DSecure enabled :frowning:

You might be able to find an online third party (there’s plenty of them, for example Ding) which will accept your card :slight_smile:


Thank you for the suggestion!

I will definitely check out Ding and try to somehow make this work :slight_smile: