Cannot sign-up using same phone number as personal account


This answer states that it is possible to have two Revolut accounts associated with the same telephone number.

However, when I attempt to sign-up for a Revolut business account using the same (UK mobile) number as I currently use for my personal Revolut account, I receive an error message stating that the number cannot be used.

Is this no longer supported?


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I do have my personal and business accounts bound to the same UK mobile. are you sure your phone is not already associated to a business user?

Hello @monooso !

Revolut for Business operates separately form Personal product and you can have both accounts registered with the same number.
We sometimes see customers who tried to sign up in the past or were trying to create business account whereas they were after personal one and such actions may result in occupying phone number for future signups.
Please try to use “forgot password feature” if you think it might apply to your case.

Thanks for the suggestions. I just tried again, and it worked fine. Put it down to a temporary glitch.

i use the phone number to reset my password but never receive
the code in my mobile

Hello @palwasha ,

If you are still experiencing issue with codes, please drop me a direct message so I can check it further. Alternatively open business chat from the login page level and one of our business support agents will assist you.


Hey I had a revolut card in Australia

i have since moved home i was told to close my account and reopen one in Ireland each time i try to use my irish number i am getting an error and can progress any further please help !!!