Cannot send less than 1eur in newest version of android application

I do not want to upgrade to newest Revolut version because on older version I can send less than 1 eur (still) and on newest versions Send button gets disabled if I enter less than 1 eur. Is it a bug? We constantly send co-workers money when someones is collection for birthday presends funds etc.

Hello @allstone,

Thank you for contacting us.

I will find out and I will let you know.


Andreas K.


cannot request less than 1 eur also. Version 3.2.1.


Very generous contribution for a birthday gift of less than 1 eur :smiley:

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You can only request/send and receive no less than 1Euro, 1USD and 1GPB.

what’s the reasoning for this limitation?

I can send less than 1 eur allright with old version of the application. I also do not understand the reason behind this limit.

That was a business decision, as we believe it makes the user’s experience smoother and avoids mistakes.

AndreasK, how can it make user experience smoother to disallow sending sums from 0 to 1 ? Well it makes our experience between office pals NOT smoother. In fact, as we cannot now send cents, we cannot use Revolut to gather any funding for birthdays, presents, or just give back some cent leftovers after launch. I know there are other services which allow that, we may have to look into those now…

Less than 1 GBP/EUR/USD = cash?

@badskittler - that is the idea, to get rid of that “small” cash. We dont use cents in cash anymore - we used Revolut for quite awhile instead of cash less than 1 value. Those cents are annoying to hold in the purse. Revolut was a lot more convenient for that. Until this recent update :frowning:

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According to our statistic this decision does not affect many users, as the average internal transfer amount is above 1.50Euros. @allstone I understand your point and I agree that cents are annoying but Im not really sure how a few cents in your Revolut account affect your real purse.


Hm, not sure if I understood your question. But the main use for Revolut at work for us was that we could share money, which usually is being collected by one of the colleagues. Say we have some birthday, and one of the colleagues is entitled to buy a present. He buys it for 20eur. We have 25 colleagues which want to share this fee, so 20/25=0.8eur. And so before nobody was carrying cents, so collecting money, sorry for saying, was pain in the ass ^^. But then we stumbled on Revolut. This was the sole reason all the colleagues began using it :). Because we can put there money fast, and transfer those 0.8cents to the colleague who bought the present at once. Even more, now we could kind of make money requests, so that colleague could requests money from any of the rest 24 who wanted to share birthday present buying. We do this for many occasions, so everyone always kept a tab on who is in debt what amount to whom… With Revolut we solved the problem. Until this new version. Now we have to go back to where we were before. Well, some colleagues put money to Revolut just to for this sole reason, so it kind of defeats the purpose of Revolut for them. There are others of course who use Revolut for other means too. And yes, sometimes we buy smth for 30 euros, so 30/25 is more than 1 euro, that is why you see statistics average that it is more. But if it does not work for less than eur and we need to keep tabs in Excel/GoogleSheet, we will have to switch the whole process back to it, because half Revolut/half GoogleSheet solution is kind of annoying.

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Dear AndreasK!

I must protest! :slight_smile: Statistics sucks in that case. Do you know how many transactions do you need if I make one transaction for 100 euros to make average below 1 euro?
I know this is not up to you but please forward this to decision makers. Since I and my colleagues started using this super card called Revolution manly to get rid of the coins but now this card is used for higher amounts also. Please do not kill this option. Now we are transfering twice to make transaction for less than 1 eur. If a colleague ows me 1 cent. He sends me 1.01 eur and I give him back 1 eur. Stupid, don’t you agree?
With hope to give us back less than one euro transactions (send and request).



Omg @gade, actually someone in our company thought about this too. If they will not fix it - I will mark your answer as accepted one which potentially is a workaround, but solves a problem at least partially.

Sure, in my described case everyone can send 1.8eur and request 1eur back or just wait for 1 eur back. Of course, this is really terrible… It takes more steps and original person who is collecting the money cannot use request feature to request 0.8eur from the start. I agree its stupid.

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I find it difficult to take this discussion seriously. If a colleague owes me 1 cent I would say “forget it mate” and get on with life.

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@badskittler - sure. But when you work in an office with 160 people, and you have to buy something for your boss for boss day for 100usd, then you split it say in 120parts because 120 people from 160 want to be part of that present… Would you care to forget your 83cents… from EACH of your colleagues? Its just 100usd, who cares about it right? :o and if it would not be once a year, but once in a week or twice in a week? Good for you if you have several americans to spare…

P.S. May I remind you than minimal net wage (after taxes) in my country is… 317 eur. Per month (not per week). So 100 euro is a lot, third of minimal wage and every cent counts.

How about 99 cents? If you buy a gift for 10 euros and you want to split the bill with 10 more colleagues? Would you say forget? Once? Twice? It is not about the money it is more about having option.
Would you be happy if Revolut rounds up or down all transactions 1.5 eur to 2 euros and 2.1 euro to 2 euros?

I think that Revoult should make special app (like Revolut platinum) for @badskittler and disable all transactions under 100 euros and round all to 10 euros, since he does not understands concept of cents. :smile:

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I have exactly the account I want; a sophisticated multi currency FX card that I can use pretty much where ever I am in the world. What you are talking about should be cash between friends.

I note that Revolut already uses rounding when converting currencies, depriving you out of up to 0.99 of a cent each time!

And where I work a boss is not allowed to accept gifts from their staff.

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