Cannot send DM

Hi @AndreasK,
I can’t dm you yet so I try here. My card has been terminated because I declared a transaction as fraudulant doing a wrong manipulation. Can you reactivate it please ? I am travelling this weekend.
Thank you very much.

Help, same ! @AndreasK

Im logged out of my account and cant even message anyone in the Community.
I need help accessing my account.

Hi everyone,

I also cannot send a DM and i need some help.

I don’t have access to the app since more than 1 month and i received today the 3rd email to update my id (today being the last day).
How can i postpone this couple of days more. I believe i will get my phone in next days.


I’m member for 6 months and still can not open a topic, so…

Today I updated the app, to version 7.0 and it seems all my settings are lost . As if first time install. So I can not open chat support.

Is this some known issue?
Wait for another update?

Will payments continue to work? I use apple pay on the same iphone where I have the app.

What exactly to do you see? Are you asked to register a new account? Try to click it. Then you should be able to login with passcode or touch/face-id.


As you see, it does not says anything. Before it there were some slides about features of Revolut (like an advertisement). So it looks like it forgot the settings and started all over, like for a first time user.

But meanwhile I solved it.

Apparently, the phone number is like a userid, so after entering it, I get to the “enter PIN” stage, like before, when it worked.

A few words on the screen about what is happening would be nice here (GUI design team, do yo listen?).


Exactly. Every account is tied to the phone number used to set up the account. That’s critical, and remember this, because it’s easier to change this number to a new one when you still have acccess to texts sent to your initial number. Access to the registered number is part of the ID verification.

Hello, I have the same problem. I tried few times to verify the identity, but I couldn’t be able to send the document and I live in Spain so my document is NIE. Can anyone help me out? Thank you so much :slight_smile: