Cannot send DM

Hello ,
I am a new user and I cannot send a DM.
What do I need to do to be able to send DM ?

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Hey there,

you need to wait 24hours before you can do that. What’s the issue? You can either write a topic here and tag the person or if it’s an employee of Revolut, write at them on Twitter.

I transfered 1000$ from my loyds account to my usd account at revolut. I did not specify the reference number. I chatted the live agent at support but I have not received a reply yet. I am waiting around 20 hours with no reply. I see that AndreasK (@AndreasK ) helped in a lot of such cases.

Mark, Many Thanks . I will contact them.

They are more active there, but yeah, Andreas can also help here, but he is busy too, so expect to wait a bit. :slight_smile:

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After two days, still no answer. I would expect better support.

@AndreasK could you help out this Gentleman?

I did not face such problems with the support ever. Sorry to hear that. Also: it is a common mistake people make and I think it takes some time to correct these faulty transfers.

Further, the payment processor that failed caused a lot of hassle. They commented on it (ceck the number of active users):

The transfer has been assigned in your account. Are you waiting more?

No. Everything is ok. Thanks,

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@AndreasK @markthehipster Thank you for your help. I am a Revolut for Business customer trying to set up an UBER business account and simply cannot get my Revolut card to work. I’ve tried entering the details for my physical card, two virtual cards (using E14 5AB as a post code) and every time Uber generates the same error message: “Unfortunately we cannot accept this credit card.” Please tell me there’s a workaround?!

write a reply somehwere in the forums, you will eventually get the permissions to DM and more, like me :slight_smile:

@AndreasK Hi Andreas, i am having problem logging into my account on the app. it says something went wrong. can i get some help on it? i cant seem to dm you either. thanks

Hi, sorry for the message not helping you. But could you tell me(as a beginner), where is it possible to find ‘Live chat’? And is it possible to send message to the official desktop (not the comunity members only) in case of any important questions? Thank you in advance. R.

Hi Andreas, I can’t seem to contact support! I need to reselect my country in set up. I selected Canada when I’m currently living in France now. Is it possible to get a reset so I can get out of this que for the beta?
Thank you!

Well, I have the Basic badge and should be able to do anything, but I can not even open a new topic (like you did). Any admin here care to look into that? I got the badge on Jan 2 2020 and even reported the issue in the app chat, but still no resolution.

You need to get the “Member” status to post new threads if I recall correctly. You can reply to existing ones, though.

How do I write a topic here? I can only reply and in my app it’s says I’m offline for chat support?

App Support is Revolut official support, and it should work as long as you have coverage (try wifi if mobile network does not work).

This is a user community, getting the role to create new threads can take a while.

my account has been temporarily locked I have spoke to someone verified everything they asked and then they said they’ll put me through to the right department but it’s not finding an agent and I need my money