Cannot send a single Euro in a SEPA bank transfer


Hi team,

I’m trying to verify my account with Coinbase, in order to do so, I’m supposed to send a single Euro. This transaction is then detected and the money is sent back to my account with a reference code that is used to confirm authenticity (a common practice with other organisations)

The problem is that Revolut does not allow me to send anything less than €2. When Coinbase detects €2, it thinks it’s a regular transaction and rejects it, because my Revolut bank account is not yet verified with them.

Is there anyway we can lower the limit of the transaction amount?


Hi, i have exactly the same problem… why nobody answer yet


Same thing for me. Is there any solution yet?


Same issue here. Disappointed to see there’s no response to this at all. This issue makes Revolut useless to me.