Cannot retrive Reference applied in a SEPA payment


Is it possible to get the reference set when making a SEPA payment? I can only see the BIC and IBAN, if i click ‘view more’ it goes into statisitics.

I need to check the reference to make sure I didn’t input a typo for the transaction.




Hi there :slight_smile:
First you add new beneficiary,and once you added you will have option to add reference when you send :slight_smile:
Had same problem :smiley:


Thanks for coming back to me, but that’s not quite what I was refering to.

I have setup a benefitiary, in this case CoinBase, with the appropriate details. I then setup and tranaction, selected CoinBase, and specified the required ‘their reference’.

My problem is that I when I open the transaction, I cannot find the reference I specified. I have a feeling that this is a missing feature, but before I ask for that I thought I’d just check.

Thanks again



Reference is just under the recievers data…

Not using coinbase myself anymore.
Reference (mine :smiley: ) CBAEURZJSSOTVL


Thanks Ares

It looks like I’ve used the BIC as the reference, unless it does that if the reference isn’t specified.

Thanks again.



Hope it gets sorted for you :slight_smile: