Cannot reply to support while it is offline


I am trying to close my account as i have lost confidence in Revolut.

I opened a chat in app yesterday at 3pm UK time.
I had a responce from Nikoletta at 7pm UK time.
As the app was telling me Support is offline i was unable to reply to Nikoletta.
Due to lack of reply at 7.45pm she closed the chat.

I give up!
@AndreasK could you close my account please.



I’m extremely sorry :frowning:
Why you would like to close your account?


Yes I would like to close my account please. When Revolut is working it is a great service but when it’s not working it is very difficult to reach support. I was planning on using Revolut on my holiday but I am now nervous that if I do and something goes wrong I will struggle to get the issue resolved.


I’'m very sorry to hear that. We’re in the process of expanding our support team, and making important improvement works so we can provide the services you desire.

Please get in touch with me via a direct message so we can terminate your account.


Andreas K.