Cannot register Revolut Card with Masterpass


I just tried to register my physical Revolut MasterCard in my Masterpass wallet. After entering the CVV, I only get an error saying “Authorisation failed”. I suppose this is related to Revolut not having 3D Secure enabled, but I’m not sure.
Has anybody had success registering his/her card?

I’ve just done it (Polish MasterPass)

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Does Masterpass support Tap&Pay? Only in the U.S or also in Europe? If so it could be an alternative to Google/Apple Pay.

In Europe you can use glase as an alternative to android/apple pay, and they even give you cashback

I have Glase (and Boon) but it/they hardly work(s) here in :austria:.:frowning: So far I could only pay at McDo … last time back in december 2017. And I don’t want to use so many services/cards.

In Germany, I have never seen a place where you can actually pay with Glase (maybe I’m going to the wrong places :wink: )

Isn’t it working at all places that accept Mastercard contactless?

I should mention that I have an iPhone, so I can only use the code-scanning-thingy

So that’s your issue. On Android you can use it anywhere that accepts contactless/nfc