Cannot register on app


From Latvia.
Downloaded app, cannot register, says that all fields are no filled and jumps in postal code field.
It is several months like this now, tried also reinstall app, upgraded phone software etc.


Check if you fulfilled each field. Check zip format too. App requires 5 digit format in this cell.


So what to do, write incorrect?
Because our format for whole country is LV-1009 etc


Possibly try it without the ‘dash’ (- symbol). e.g. LV1009.

UK post codes are typically 6 characters, sometimes 7, so length it shouldn’t be an issue in your case.


Ok, you’re right. Special characters are forbidden. Everywhere (I.E. Krakow, not Kraków, Czerwinski instead of Czerwiński, etc.) Generally you’re not allowed to use: č, ē, ģ, ī, ķ, ļ, š, ū, ž.
Latin alphabet only.


I may be wrong and the issue may be something else.

Looking forward to hearing back from @bidins and seeing whether the removal of the ‘–’ works.