cannot order first card for free


I cannot order my first card for free, there is a fee 10 PLN


Hey @Justyna.waw :slight_smile:

It seems there’s a glitch with pricing and the promotion with Poland. Either proceed and then ask for a refund (at your own risk) or get in touch with the in-app support team beforehand (might be wiser) through the More tab of the app, clicking Support, then Live chat and typing live agent when greeted by Rita the robot :wink:


ok will try by the agent although I get a message that they are overloaded :confused:


I can see you have ordered a card but you have blocked it, twice.


I see, it was blocked by mistake, waiting for the card


Same problem. What is the solution ?
I can’t command my first free standard card.
l’apps proposed me, just four premium card. And help tchat don’nt reply.
i’m verified and the account credited.


We are sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have responded and resolved your query. If you need anything else, please let us know.