Cannot make transfer to my own account

Hi - I am trying to transfer money from my Revolut account back to my normal Barclays Bank account. When I try to do it I get the message ‘We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try again later.’

Of course the Revolut chat service is telling me it will be a 2 hour wait for any assistance. I need to transfer this money asap.

Some background: I am from the UK but on holiday in China. A few days ago I left my Revolut card in an ATM here and when I realised immediately blocked it and unlinked it from my Revolut account. I am now trying to recover the money I had transferred into Revolut to pay for my trip, so I can just use it on my normal Barclays card.

I am not sure if I am getting the error because my card is unlinked, though that doesn’t make sense to me as the app is meant to be independent of the card.

Any assistance much appreciated - at present I am despairing of getting access back to my holiday savings

I am not sure you will get here an answer faster than on the support chat. I would contact them.