Cannot login with fingerprint on Android

Hi @user318,

Can you please send me a direct message with your phone number so we can take look?

I’m having this issue too. It works maybe one in five times, all other times I get the PIN unlock screen and get stuck there.

I Have a similar problem with my I phone 6
I tap the app it tells me to use my fingerprint and then nothing happens . I cannot acces my account to change it to a pin which is what want to do as I no confidence in the fingerprint approach. By the way my fingerprint works on ApplePay so the problem must be something else
What can I do?

just to report - no problems with fingerprint at iphone 5s ios 10.0.1

Hi guys,

We have an update on this.

Our tech team have identified the problem and made a fix. You’ll have a fix in the next couple of day!! :sunglasses:


Andreas K.

Hi! Version 3.3.5 fixed fingerprint login on my android phone. Thx

Not fixed for me.

AT the first launch there where a small message to login with fingerprint but still doenst.


they made small change … now you can loging simultaneously with pin and fingerprint. Give it a try.



I guess you where right … fingerprint now avaliable after few attempts … just dissappear :frowning:


Hi guys!

Yes, the new version 3.3.5 has been released! Contains a fix for fingerprint login and various other minor fixes and enhancements throughout the app :r:

If you are still having trouble with fingerprint login, please logout and then login. This will remove a cached key on the app and it should start working again!

Yep … it works like a charm

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got app versiom 3.5.1 … fingerprint not working … again.



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for some reason, on each update, my option gets disabled and i have to manually enable it again

I just want you to know. Can u also check why transactions below one eur
are nt possible on android but wroking on iOS. Thanks.



@gade wrong thread to ask
see Cannot send less than 1eur in newest version of android application

4.5.10 on Android, fingerprint login disappeared. It is not even in the options anymore.

For me was related to rooting. Removed /system/xbin/su and the fingerprint login came back.