Cannot login. SMS code never received, nor Phone call.



I have this problem with the App for an year or more. I never receive the SMS with the code, as well as the “Phone call” option. (it worked a few months before the Crypto update)

Even tho your chat support is terrible, as well as the app chat itself, I used to “fix” this by contacting them to give me a correct code to login.

Now the “Send” button in my App is grayed out (disabled), so I cannot send my message to the support. I tried to remove the app data and reinstall the app, but with no luck.

Please help.


Try follow this tutorial:


Hi @tupacan. Could you please delete/reinstall the app and try again? If you’re still facing issues please shoot me a DM.


Reinstalling the App still did not worked. Dropping you a DM.


Btw @JessicaZ , I can’t find the option the send you any kind of personal message. Can you send me a DM, please?


Done, please check your inbox @tupacan.