Cannot login on app - requests to register


I cannot login to my revolut app since the app wants me to register an account. If I try to do so it says “The phone number is already registered”. Thats good to hear, but how do i login from here??

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I have the same problem. Could someone help me because i stuck in Japan with no possibility to top-up my account.

Thank you.

I have the same issue. I still have the same phone. When I enter the app it behave like I’m a new user.

Option 1. It asks me to register my phone again. When I do it asks me to create a passcode which do (I use the same I used to) then error.

Option 2. It asks to recover from my phone number. Which I do. Then asks me to enter my passcode . Then error.

What do I do then?? I’m travelling now and have no way to get money.

Can you imagine??

Hi I cas supposées to received wire still this time I cannot log in my annciutn I can only try to talk on live chat but nobody answer my accoutn is totally locked and nobody answer to me … how I can do ???

Hello, I am having the same issue as Siti. I have been trying several time and still cannot access. I’m on Android, uninstalled the app and installed it again but still the same.

Can someone help please?

I have just had the same problem! No response yet and can’t get through one the phone!

hello, I ve the same problem I m still trying to log in but nothing works. I ve got all my money there. Help me please !!!

Same issue here! I’ve tried downloading the latest version but it still won’t let me log in. When the app asks if I am already a user and I tap on yes, it still asks me to create a passcode and then I get an error message ‘We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later’. ‘Later’ is long gone now…

Since I’ve changed my smartphone, I’ve downloaded the revolut app, typed in my phone number, as well as the 6 digits code received by text, but when I click on the “already client” button, I am asked again to type a 6 digits code. And this is a never ending story.
I also tried to proceed with the “new client” steps, but in the end it tells me I already have an account.

Is-there anything wrong with my account ? Could you help me please ?

Thanks for your support,

PS : I still have my revolut credit card and would not like to be forced to order a new one.

I’ve got same issue. Problem started after update.
How can I login to my account on mobile app?

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did you finally manage to login ?