Cannot login in my revolut app


Hi. I currently cannot login in revolut app. The app was fine a few days ago but now it asks for a code sent to my phone. When I put the code it says that there is an issue and cannot login. Could you help?


Hi @Giota,

Try uninstalling and reinstalling and enter a new code. If your problem presist contact @Revolutapp on twitter. I’ll mention some people to help you on the community website.

@AndreasK @jessicaszabla (Not staff but they maybe can help you @Juliopp)


Please let me know if you need help.


Hi Andreas,
I downloaded yesterday the app and I couldn’t login I’ve tried this morning and I’m always getting the same message. “We are sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.”


Are you using an iOS or an Android?


iOS, I’m using and iPhone to download the app


Have you tried to delete and reinstall the app?