Cannot login in my revolut app

Hi. I currently cannot login in revolut app. The app was fine a few days ago but now it asks for a code sent to my phone. When I put the code it says that there is an issue and cannot login. Could you help?

Hi @Giota,

Try uninstalling and reinstalling and enter a new code. If your problem presist contact @Revolutapp on twitter. I’ll mention some people to help you on the community website.

@AndreasK @jessicaszabla (Not staff but they maybe can help you @Juliopp)

Please let me know if you need help.


Hi Andreas,
I downloaded yesterday the app and I couldn’t login I’ve tried this morning and I’m always getting the same message. “We are sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.”

Are you using an iOS or an Android?

iOS, I’m using and iPhone to download the app

Have you tried to delete and reinstall the app?

Hello AndreasK,

I cannot login in Revolut Android App anymore. The app was slow, so I updated it, cleared data and cache. Now if I try to login I get “We’re sorry […] try later”, after 10s since I entered my phone number.
I tried:

  • Logging in into my wife’s iPhone: It works
  • On my Android, I cleared data & clear cache: Not working
  • Updated App to latest version, 5.17: Not working
  • Restarted Android: Not working.

Extra details: The app (v5.14) started to work slow this morning, it was taking 10-15s to load account activity, or to display cards. The transactions from today were not appearing in account activity, but I was getting instant notifications for payments I did.
The only different thing I did yesterday was that I activated contactless payments.

I would really like to use Revolut, as from today I will go into an international city break for the weekend.

Hi @anon33247966,

I logged out of my account, and now I cannot log in.
My fiance has the same problem, is there a way to solve this please? as we are both logged out!


Hello Andreas, thank you for your time in advance, I do also face the same issue. I logged out of my app, and once I tried to re login it doesn’t allow me. It asks for my mobile, name, dof, address, then tells me that they recognise me and are giving me two options: If you have changed your phone recently and can login click yes, or No and move on. The first one, i don’t want to change my phone, regardless takes me back to the first screen asking me for my phone, (cycle and cycle around) the second one when I continue with login again takes me to first screen and repeats all the same thing. I have iOS version 13.3.1

Please help!

I’m facing the same issue…
How can I get the Revolut technical support (if I’m not able to access from app)

Hello, I used an android phone and logged in and talked ONLY via app… :frowning: Unfortunately there is no other way to get in direct call with them :frowning:

Try it on twitter - they are sometimes quite responsive there and could probably help you out there.

Hello. I have the same problem. My passcode stopped working since a few hours ago and when I click on “forgot” I get the message “We are sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later”. I tried reinstalling the app, but same issue. I have no means of getting help now as I can’t log in, can anybody please help me here???

Hi, I have problems logging into the app. It asks for phone number and then states “secure your phone to unlock your revolut app”. I receive an email and authenticate as instructed, but it takes me back to entering my phone number and repeats so am not getting anywhere.

I have deleted app and reinstalled but this has not made any difference or solved the issue.

Any help on this please?


Hello AndreasK ,sir, I am currently working in Afghanistan my app on my phone has just stopped working I have tried to reinstall the app but no change, am due in Dubai in 4 days time and I need my card to work, I have AED Dollars and Euros ther that I need to use ib the next few weeks please assist


Same here, I managed to have a chat with Steve who said he was looking into my problem and would contact me. I now have a circle with 1 in it next to the Revolut logo but as I cannot access the app I can’t read it. I am about to cut up my card and give up.

Good Day,

Im Currently Experiencing the same problem, one moment I could access my app and now I can’t, currently reliant on is and I have funds on it and I need my card to work. Please advise and assist.



I have the same problem. Did you get any help?

Me to I have the same problem