Cannot login app / appear offline

I appear to be “locked out” from my account and am unable to contact support through the app.

Initially the problem started when the app would not update with the transactions made. When trying to contact Support through the app, it said that i was offline (despite having a good internet connection).
I also tried to update my phone number in my profile but it did not work.
Therefore i tried to log out and log in again. Once logged out i could not log back in despite having a perfectly fine internet connection.

Finally i called the helpline and after putting in my details the automated voice said that it blocked my card! So now I have no card and can’t log into my Revolut app!

I am travelling and need this card asap. Please help! Thank you

There is no helpline. The phone number is there to block cards, which is what happened in your case

Are you on iOS or Android? Have you made sure you have updated to the latest version? What happens when you try to log in now?

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Having same problem, updated the app option to change the phone number appeared but now it says that that phone number is already registered… and there is nothing i can do… it is so frustrating :frowning:

I’m having a similar problem in that I cannot access the app anymore?
Can someone with Revolut help?

I am having the same problem. the only way to enter the app is to follow the password forgot feature. When i am inside the app it turns out like its offline but i have internet.But when i close the app and retype the password it doesnt log in and sometimes ssayus an error occured