Please can someone tell me how i contact customer support to KYC me again with my new phone number. I cannot login to my app anymore since i forgot the number that i used to do it and now since traveling cannot login anymore…


Hello @Lukas_Grosfeld :slight_smile:

Update the app to the latest version. On the login screen, at the bottom part, you’ll find a “I’ve changed my phone number” button :wink:


No I see only pincode screen with forgot pincode button…


Hey @Lukas_Grosfeld :slight_smile:

If you’re using the latest version, the option should appear right under the purple button, as a small grey text, in the screen where you’re supposed to type your phone number :wink:

However, if you can’t find it, you can also reach support by clicking Forgot? and then Support


I can’t find anywhere to change phone number either.


Can i please speak to someone? It does not let me login also not with my old number (which i found) and there is a lot of money on there.

I am getting really annoyed here


I constantly get redirected to making a new account…


Hey @Lukas_Grosfeld :slight_smile:

I just pointed you to the way to reach the support chat

Anyway, there are many other ways to get in touch with :r:. I believe the fastest way would be to get in touch with them through Twitter:


I have KYC’d and can give you all the data you require. Just help me login to my account again…


Hey @Lukas_Grosfeld :slight_smile:

Two quick things.

  • I do not work for :r: and therefore can’t do anything. @AndreasK, @JessicaZ and @larysa.stachowicz do work for :r:, you can send them a private message.

  • This is a public forum, available for the whole internet, and editions to posts are also kept in a public log. If you don’t want your phone number to be publicly available, I’d suggest you to delete your post.

Another option if you don’t feel like using Twitter or waiting here (understandable) is to use your old phone number, type your PIN, wait for an SMS that obviously will not arrive and click “I didn’t receive a code” to chat with support :thinking:


Hi @Lukas_Grosfeld.

I’ve been in touch via DM. :slight_smile: