Cannot login after mobile reset

My mobile did something like reset without uninstalling any application. Concerning Revolut what’s my state right now:

  • I open the app
  • It asks me my pin and I complete it.
  • It asks me “What’s your personal details?”, just like I am creating a new account (although I already have one).
  • I complete my personal details and then the app stops/crashes.

I would love some support from here because I can’t reach the in-app chat.

Any help? Should I refer to somewhere else (e.g. facebook)?

Did you ever get a response to this? I’m having a similar issue. Thanks.

Hello, I don’t remember, since it’s been some years from that issue. I think uninstalling the app sounds like the 1st step for solving this issue.

I have The same issue. I cannot enter my revolut account from 19.05.2020. When I enter the app asks me to set up A New account although I already have one… When I Press The button that I already have an account it crashes and the process begins from the beginning…

Kind Regards

same her when i try to login , affter reset my phone that ask me to create new account

Did you get sorted, I am experiencing the same now, and my card has been declined.