Cannot log in


Since an hour i cannot log back in the app, it was lagging so much and i get even the same charge multiple time, of course no costumer service to speak with…


Same here. I’ve been trying to login for the last 20mn.


And if the only way to contact is by app, it means…no contact and help at all


+1. Still having problems with the app. I tried to top up and had errors as well so I decided to reinstall the app to try and now I can’t login


same here! I think it is time to cancel this app! no customer service at all


When i discovered this app i was thinking it was “Revolutionary” since 6months that: customer service level is 0, and im having always double charge online, atm charge without withdrawal…


Me too, it’s pretty annoying… trying from ireland, if that makes a difference


Like what if i was needing money right now?


The same applies to it’s impossible to sign into the new business site. Must be something seriously wrong in the backend systems. It would be really useful if Revolut provided a status page to inform us about issues like this, rather than just having frustrated customers posting here and not knowing what’s going on


I’m trying to order a card for a trip but not sure if it’s the best way to go. Banks charge but they provide a reliable service in general and there is always a telephone number you can call 24/7


Good idea, but let me say one thing, revolut is not “cooking recipe app” is an online banking app, and is supposed to be online 24/7.


me too, its just times out


The Revolut Twitter feed says "We’re experiencing problems, and you may have difficulty using the app & card. Will provide an update as soon as possible "


I’m having the same issue in Greece. Can’t seem to withdraw funds from my card even though it has money on it. Keeps telling me to contact issuer. Can’t top up my card or use it. Need help urgently as needing to withdraw money asap. Please update thanks


We should not have to check Twitter to see if Revolut are having issues. Why not issue a notification on screen or post on the forum which is the first place I went to look to see what the issue was. The support team really need to up the game in terms of letting us know about these issue!!!


Agree. I have just posted a request for a status page on


It’s awful. 7.99 a month! They still can’t be bothered to post on the forum. I like Revolut but later I’m going to be looking at what other options might be available to me.