Cannot log in to Revolut app, need help !!

Hi Can someone please help me. I changed my Phone recently and cannot logon to my Revolut App in the new phone. I have been trying now for over a week. I would appreciate if someone can contact me pls.


I have exactly the same problem! I created my Revolut account in UK. Now I am in Greece and haven’t used my Revolut card for almost a year…
Could you please help me?
Thanks in advance!

I have lost access to my account as the app has logged me out and I tried all my numbers that I ever had but i can’t seem to login. I want to log in back to my existing account. It would be so much better if I can do all authorisation through my email as my phone number keeps changing according to where I am. Please help with this!

Sorry I cannot log in app anymore. How can I contact you for help ? Please

Contact :r: via social media (twitter oder facebook).

I am in the same boat here.
Isn’t the passcode on my device the same that I type in my browser? I thought so.
Anyway, everytime I type my passcode, it tells me its incorrect
So I try to change and you ask for an identity check, so I try to do a selfie. That’s not easy when I take off my glasses by the way !!! In fact EVRY time I have submitted a new photo with my passport,

  1. I DO NOT get any indication of refusal or acceptance
  2. It seems every attemtp I make is refused
  3. I cannot access the app for this reason so how do I communicate using your in-line chat

Please suggest a path forward as this situation is infuriating. Why don’t you adopt a two-way validation system or something.


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And I also made an error in the email address I provided but there was no way to correct it.
Now the app tells me identity check has apparently succeeded but the email confirmation has probably been sent to an incorrect email address.

How do I get out of that?


Sorry for joining other person topic but I cannot create my own. So I lost access to my numer and I’m trying to get into it. I’m using app to scan my face with ID but nothing happens. Even when I’m holding it open for more than hour. What should I do to enter my account on a number that I dont have access to. I do not recieve any email with restart code as well.


I’ve been locked out of my account been told to provide pictures of my face, my driving licence and my passport and still haven’t had access to my account for the past 30days. I’ve spoken to at least 3 agents and they all lie about they’re looking into this issue. Revolut! I understand if your doing some security check so that no one can access my bank however THIS IS MY ACCOUNT, You’ve got pictures of my face, you’ve got pictures of me holding today date, you’ve got pictures of me holding my passport! What the hell is this all about? CAN I PLEASE GET ACCESS TO MY ACCOUNT SO I CAN PAY MY BILLS OFF!