Cannot log in to Revolut app, need help !!

I can’t log in to my Revolut account. I got a message from the app, something like ‘your documents were viewed’. On the app I got a form with personal data and when I provided my email it said ‘email already in use’.

I uninstalled the app and I installed it back and I have the same issue.

Can someone help me with that? @AndreasK

Hi, I have the same pb I can’t log in to the app. Help

I am not able to enter and connect to my revolut account too and i can’t get in contact with any support from revolut team.

Andreas i have the same problem with my revolut account and i forgot my PIN and passcode number, I NEED HELP PLEASE. thanks

Hi @AndreasK,

Since the last update, I can no longer login to the app, can you help?

App asks for phone number, then states it will send an email, which never arrives (could be the wrong email was registered), there doesn’t seem to any other way to verify and login. Need access to my account again.

Can you please help?



Hi @AndreaK revolut locked me out of my account and no agent is available. Contact me immediately.


I cannot get into the app because my email address has changed and I can’t access my old email.

Can anyone help?

@AndreasK Hi I logged out of my revolut app now I cannot log back in! can you help me pls?
send me a direct message pls.

I am not receiving the 6 digit code either by text or call.

@AndreasK I cannot access the app as my email address has changed, how can I get into the app? Surely with my phone number being linked to the account I should be able to log in with my phone number.

Hi - I have also not used the APP for a few weeks and find it has been updated and I cannot open the APP - it asks me know to register again as a new user.
can anyone help me. Thanks.

Dear @AndreasK,

It’s been 11 days since I posted requesting help.

You’ve responded to three people since I posted, but have seemingly ignored me.

How do I get on the list of people you can help?

Would be wonderful if I could get access to my card and money again.

Thank you.

I am confused… his profile says that he was last seen June 11th and last posted on Jan 24th.
Contact :r: on Twitter or Facebook or fill out the complaints form at:

Good Luck!

Please contact with me. I need to open Revolut ASAP.
I tried to open Revolut when I was not 18, but now I turned 18 but my app still does not work.
Please contact with me :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Hello. Please contact with me also. I tried to open revolut when I was not 18, but now I turned 18. Yet, I still cannot open my app and I guess it is blocked. Please contact with me ASAP​:sob::sob:

Hello. @AndreasK please help me.i cannot open my app because i tried to open Revolut when i was not 18. but now i am 18. but t seems like app blocked me… please my email

Hi @AndreasK

You’re clearly around but choosing only to help specific people - which feels a bit crazy.

If you can’t help, could you at least let me know how I can get help? Can not login to app, so cannot use the in app chat function.


Hey, same problem as up here, i erased the app a while ago now nothing works , i tried registering again but was just the same circle repeating, app always feelt a bit buggy tbh. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi, my problem is that i changed my phone and I cannot remember my old phone number i used to create the account. please help, it is quite urgent, thx !

Exactly the same for me