Cannot log in to Revolut app, need help !!


This is not a direct message, I will do this for you.


Hi Andreas,
I have a similar problem. I’ve changed phone number and can’t get the 6 digit code it’s sending to my old number.


Send me a direct message please.


Hi Andreas, I have the same problem. I cannot log in into my account. Any help, please? Thank you


What’s the exact issue?


Basically, i went to see my app, but it asked me to log in (usually i only have to tipe the pin). After I inserted the phone number, then the pin, i received the text with the code, but when i type it it says that there is a problem and to try later. I have tried 3/4 times.


Ok thank you. Could you please send me a direct message?


I have had a new phone for a week, but using the same SIM and number. Was able to login successfully first couple of days. Uploaded verification docs for increasing top up limit. Haven’t been able to get past PIN (login) screen yesterday and today. Enter 4 PIN digits and screen just hangs. Phone still functioning correctly for SMS etc.


Have you tried to update your app?


Is working this morning. Haven’t specifically updated app, but checked version - 4.20.0, seems to be current version. Thanks for reply Andreas - will check that first if it happens again.


Can you please help me? I do not have anymore the phone number with which I was registered by Revolut, so I can’t log in anymore into my account.


Hi Andreas, I have the same issue, please help


Hey! What’s the error message?