Cannot log in, app stuck on sign-up screen



I’m opening the app and keep getting the sign-up screen - but I already have an account. On entering my phone number I receive the “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try again later” message. Any suggestions or solutions?



Sounds odd. What mobile OS are you on?

Have you tried force quitting the app and then re-launching it?


I’m running the Android. I’ve tried all kinds of force quit, re-launch, reinstall, and anything else Google has suggested. But no success.

Everything was working fine, and now it’s just stuck.


Yes, this sounds like the same problem I’m getting. Have you found a solution?

Is there anybody from Support who can help?


Let’s solve this right now!

Could you please DM me?


I have the same problem! No longer able to login in the app. It’s stuck in the Pin verification, which I receive and enter, but then I always get the “something has gone wrong, try later” message. I tried to reinstall the app, rebooted, clean the cache. Nothing, cannot access to my funds. Any idea/help on what’s happening? Thanks

Update: I can now access but my chats have disappeared.


Same boat here.
Unacceptable that Mrs bot says I have to wait 12 (!!!) hours in order to speak with support.

Andreas K I DM you, can you sort this mess out?


Same issue here… :frowning: tried adding the card to paypal. when opening the transaction paypal usually sends to verify the card via my iPhone, the app crashed (on the splash page).

When manually resetting the application it just sent me to the initial registration page and been stuck receiving the verification code ever since

Any solutions?



Let’s get in touch via DM!


Hello guys! I am new to Revolut and have been trying to open my account for the longest time ever but I am experiencing the same issue (sign up screen, not possible to proceed because of “something went wrong” message).

My OS is Android 6.0.1 and my mobile is OnePlus2. It’s funny because I tried to open an account on my friend’s phone - she has an iPhone 6 - and it worked perfectly! We were even able to top it up… After I entered all my info I tried to log in from my phone again but it did not work…

If there is a solution I’d love to hear it! :slight_smile:


Hi Andreas, how can I DM you?


Hi, did you solve your problem because my problem is exactly the same. I have Xiaomi Mi 5s phone and get the same “something went wrong” message on sign up screen.


Hi @ms23816,

I’ve been in touch via DM!


Screenshots od tej problem



I have the exact same issue. I was logged out after updating the app and I cannot log back in. It says the error message mentioned above.

Is there any procedure to follow?

Thank you.


I am having the same issue here!


I have the exact same issue, new to Revolut… I am awaiting for your kind assistance.


Hy andreask. I have the same sign-up problem after entering pin ?
Is there any workaround ?


Hi, I am getting the same problem, which is annoying because I was also thinking of opening a business account. Is there a solution to this?