Cannot input two decimals amount

Hello Revolut!
I wanted to ask money to one of my coworker through the Revolut app.
The amount I was asking was 2.75 CHF.
When I tap the key ‘2’ then the key ‘,’ then the key ‘7’ the amount shown is 2.70. That’s ok.
But when I tap the final key ‘5’, the amount is then transformed in 275.00. That’s wrong.
I think it’s a bug.

(By the way my coworker has refused to send me money… So unlucky I was ;-))

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I’ve an additional info about this problem. It happens only on the iOS version of the Revolut app. My coworker has an Android phone and he has no problem to send amount with 2 decimals

Are you using the latest version of the app? I just tested, iOS, iPhone 7. No problems to put in 2,75 CHF. :thinking:

Hey Frank, thank you for your answer. I have the version 4.19 of the app and an iPhone 6. On the iPhone my keyboard is french-switzerland. When I want to put the amount to send, I can only choose the comma character but for french switzlerand the decimal separator should be the dot (".") char. I think this can be why I’ve this problem.

Yes, sounds like you found the problem.

I’ve checked by installing the french-france keyboard, but same problem. I still have only the comma in the keyboard to give decimal separator and the amount is still wrong formatted.

I think that there is a format applied automatically when giving an amount with 2 decimals that change amount from e.g. 12,25 to 1225,00