Cannot enable accounts on latest version for iOS


Just updated the app to V5.0 and I can no longer see the list with accounts. I’m basically locked on my base account. I see no button to go to my accounts list.
What is going on?


This is a serious issue for me, please let me know if there is any solution to this.


Are you on Android or iOS?
Can you see the dots over your main currency?
In 5.0 version you are swiping touching exactly amount.
This is how it looks like in my Android


I’m on iOS and I don’t have the dots. I only have active my base account, I disabled the others and now I can no longer enable them. I don’t see them listed anymore.


So go to:
More> Profile> Account data then tap Add account


Thanks, it’s working.
I quite don’t understand these “usability” updates that simply cripples the application. It’s beyond common sense.