Cannot download PDF statement


Hi Support Team,

I tried to download a PDF statement without success. I have the following message [Turn on Documents in Settings > Installed apps first] displayed on the phone (Xiaomi Note Red 4 should you ask).
Doesn’t make much sense. I don’t know if the message comes from Revolut or form the phone…

I made sure the permission for Storage are given for both Revolut and Adobe Reader apps.

Screenshot in annex.

What should I do next?




Hello @yhautier :slight_smile:

Please, follow this tutorial to enable dynamic permission requests and try again (a dialog should appear asking for your permission for storage access). If not, check the last steps to manually Grant access :slight_smile:


Hi Juliopp,

I said in my first message that both Revolut and Adobe Reader apps already have permission for storage:


Hey again @yhautier :slight_smile:

I know, but however the component in charge of saving the file is probably the system component in charge of printing. That’s why I suggested enabling the dynamic permission requests :wink:


Me again!

No progress…

Took me a while to understand the above cause on my version the dynamic permission requests is set by default (it does not appear in the menu you indicated in your link)

Just to test the feature, I removed all the permissions to Revolut and sure enough he asked me on the fly to let him access the contact list (see attachment) so the dynamic permission requests is ON.

But no message from the Permission Manager when I requested to download the file. Just the strange message I indicated in the first chat.


Hey there again @yhautier :slight_smile:

First thing, you can make this quick workaround: change the “print” option from PDF to Google Drive and download it from a computer :confused:

No wonder then my suggestion is unuseful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seems this is the way :wink:


Well done!!

The last one made the trick. Looks like this app was disabled (don’t ask me why) and after enabling it I was able to download the pdf beautifully!

Thanks a lot Juliopp and have a great week!