Cannot download app


I plan to install on both my ipad and android for the same account (as backup).
I clicked on the download link and entered my UK phone number, but the phone never receive the SMS. Is there a permanent link i can get my phone to download?

Thank you.



Hey @jax79sg,

Did you manage to download the app?

Hi, i managed to install it on my Android but i can’t download it on my iPad. I believe its because my IPad was not registered in the UK when i bought it in Singapore five years ago. Any other ways to install Revolut on my iPad?


Can you check whether your iPad is up-to-date, in terms of its software?

Tap the ‘Settings’ app (Gears icon.), General, Software Update and see what it says.

My ipad was updated with the latest iOS. But the account is from Singapore.

In any case, is it ok with have Revolut installed on more than one devices on the same Revolut account/phone number?

Hi, I have an iPad mini 4 bought and activated in Vietnam. Can’t seem to find the Revolut app in the App store. please advise.

Hello, I cannot get the app to download on my phone. I have done all the normal trouble shooting regarding my phone to make sure its ok but it just wont download. help!

Hi I am not able to download the app on my phone Samsung J7 Pro (2018).

My app stopt working correctly, I couldn’t add a new beneficary IBAN. I deleted the app to re.install and not is not possible to download the app anymore. Please let me know how to proced asap. I need access to the account.

Phone system is android, Brand Motorola Moto z2.

It is a bit strange that we can 't contact any support directly…

I have a serious problem. First time i contact apple on chat, but after 2h 30m, they tell me to contact revolut.

I delete the app from my iphone. And i restart the phone. After that, when i enter on App store to download again, it’s show me OPEN. But it has been deleted. On my storange it’s not appear Revolut.

What can I do ? I have iphone 7 plus, IOS 14.4

Guess you can only backup your iPhone an do a factory reset.