Cannot do Revolut to Revolut transfers/payment


Hi there,

I have recently added some funds to my new Revolut account (via credit card), and I recommended Revolut to a friend who created another brand new Revolut awesome account.

So, I tried to send money to him 10€ via Revolut and for that I gave the app permission to read my contacts (please, you better do not abuse on this permission).

1.I picked his contact with all combinations of phone numbers possible (with +XX area code as well as 00XX),
2.put the amount 10€. Send.
3.yet still, I am unable to send money.

I tried also to send some money to another friend with a premium Revolut account, with the same result.

****The error that the app provides is completely useless, and a bit frustrating because there is no further guidance on how to resolve the situation. Not a shred of an insight on what the root cause is.

My Android version is based on lineageOs, up to date, no root enabled. I can confirm there is a positive balance on my Revolut account and - other than the top up amount - you also charged me 1€ on my credit card (test I guess).

Can you please let me know what is the issue why I cannot send direct money via the app to another Revolut account ? any help will be much appreciated.

(I do not want to be mean at all but since there is no available support or web control panel my only choice is to post here. Which I personally find very depressing considering you applied for a European banking license.) ****


edit: it turns out, you are forced to do ID Validation even for less than 50€ top up, transfers.

I´d say I read somewhere there was different levels of validation required and that ID validation is not needed unless you need to rise your limits, but that if you stick to the 250€ limit you could still send money or perhaps receive.

So, putting it simple, ID validation is a must to be able to use app at all. If you top up your account you cannot still use it unless your ID is validated. At least, unlike other terribles experiences in the past… this time the online ID validation worked right away.

Developers pro-tip: instead of the error from the screenshot just say “error: your account needs validation, please contact support for further assistance”. That will avoid people annoying your support staff unnecessarily.

So far Revolut looks very promising. Let´s hope Revolut keeps personal information strictly private and really protected… versus the usual bullshit, which is “yeah, we protect your personal information with RSA z-trillion bits and https and what not policies and two spoons of pci-dss” ( and then the reality is that your data is exposed).

Trust is important for this kind of services.


Damn, after reading about all these people coming here to complain how ID verification is takes ages, it’s kinda refreshing reading this :sweat_smile: (the automatic process doesn’t work for everyone)

I completely agree with you about the error message which needs to be more clear. (maybe @AndreasK can forward this to the dev team?)

Revolut is definitely very promising, we know it’s not perfect yet but for many of us it’s already 100 times better than regular banks, and they improve quickly.

Last, about security, they are a financial institution so there are some regulations and obligations in place, I wouldn’t worry too much about it :slight_smile:


Just to be very clear here: I like Revolut because of it is a modern concept: free Mastercard and some exposure to crypto available (as an option, not because of that).

Also, the different levels of security for the the card that you can enable and disable at any time together with virtual cards is a strong point. A very weak point is not having a website to control certain things and recover your account if your mobile phone is lost. A yubikey or a traditional coordinate card could help as a second factor to prevent issues.

But I have a bank that does not charge me for my cards or transfers either, that is more common nowadays. So yeah, Revolut is nice, but not a revolution. As long as it works, it is easy to use and trust is not lost… it will succeed.

So far and overall I think it is a good service that will improve, and for people that do not have a card already I would get it instead of visiting a bank.


They started off as a card with no fees on all foreign transactions, link to an app, and that’s it. So that when you go abroad you top-up your account and you don’t pay any fees. To do this task, they are great and I personally saved tons of money compared to both my UK or French bank.
When it comes to regular bank services (free card, free transfers …), this is more new to them (especially since they’re not -yet- a bank officially), so they’re trying to get there, but I think it will take some time.

I’m not blind and I see they’re not perfect yet, but they have plans for improvement: banking licence, apple/android pay, metal card, probably a regular debit card instead of pre-pay … and for sure some stuff they didn’t tell us about.

Personally I give them time, my support with the premium, and I really hope they will get there :slight_smile:


our latest update of the app informs the customer that we need further information about them. thank you for your feedback.