Cannot create an account


I tried to create an account using the latest android app on LG G3:

  1. I insert the phone number
  2. Insert the passcode
  3. Insert the passcode (again)

"Unfortunately, Revolut has stopped"
With two options: report and ok.

I have reported it, any chance to have a bugfixed version?


I’ve got the same problem:

Now at least I know it isn’t only happening to me.


Good news, you can now open a Revolut account; the waiting list has been cleared. Simply open the Revolut App, tap ‘Sign Up Now’ and order a RevolutCard straight to your door!

You can now spend globally with the real exchange rate; transfer 23 currencies without the ridiculous fees; and instantly send or request money from friends.

Thanks for your patience; we can’t wait to have you on board.