Cannot create a business account for a new business

I do not think they will tell you why, I got the same twice and despite contesting and just asking for a reason twice they never answered

Long time Revolut user but just trying to create a business account for a new company and it’s asking for Proof of Nature of Business. I’ve submitted my contract with my client, told it about my business and it’s not enough. Since I’m a new business I don’t have sales invoices or bank statements.
Any help?

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Hello, I sent a mail to and this is the answer I got:
“Hi there,
As currently I provide support for our Personal Accounts, I’m afraid I might not be fully equipped to answer all of the questions you might have about our Business Accounts, no worries though. The best way to get this process started is visiting our website Open a Business Account Online | No Monthly Fees | Revolut Business . In the top right corner you will find a HELP button - There you can find an extensive list of the most frequently asked questions.”

Could you please provide an email that could help for business accounts ? Thanks

I’m facing a similar issue, I was trying to set up an account, I uploaded all my documents and then minutes later my account got closed. I somehow managed to still chat to support since I had an open chat. But now that the chat has closed I am basically without the business account and no official reason.

I found the unofficial reason by looking at the API responses when logging in on the web platform. Is there anyone I can speak to about this?

i m facing same problem i opend a ltd company to open revolut business they ask bank statment How can a give bank statment as the company is new and i sent proformat invoice of my costumer they still ask for bk statment it makes no sens The problem is tah im selling wood pellets and clients are waiting

im facing same problem my clients are waiting for me to deliver wood pellets these days