Cannot create a business account for a new business

im having same issue, wanting to open a bank account for a ltd company, ive only got companies house document with address, ive sent that keep getting document failed? any ideas howe I can contact them? they called me Friday to check on application but no number?

its a shame as I have other business which could be switched too

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Hi, I can’t open a new revolut business account, I provided all the info but they keep getting rejected, anyone else?

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I’m sorry to hijack this thread but I just wanted to set up business account fod company registered in UK in 2011. I was really suprised by the message:
Unfortunately, we can’t open a business account for you right now
We know it’s disappointing, but this decision follows Revolut’s policies and is not a judgment on you or your business. Unfortunately this decision is final and can’t be appealed. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and we’ll reach out to you directly if we can offer you an account in the future.

I only entered the business name, description and some info about planned turnover.
Yes it is very dissapointing.
I need an account for receiving PLN as I started selling on

It would be nic to know why Ltd company can’t open an account.

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I was almost relieved when reading this thread - thought I must have been the only purpose who had been driven mad by the business account creation ‘process’.

Wow does it suck! I was constantly asked the same questions over and over again about the nature of the business. Whenever I provided information I’d get a response like ‘Please provide a valid website’ or ‘Please explain why you need the account’ despite that being clearly answered in the previous response. I could never get anyone to actually tell me what was wrong with the information submitted so I went round this loop about 10 times.

Chat were friendly but I don’t think they were reading my submissions either as they would just relay the same vague statements, even when I had copied the responses in to the chat!

It was totally maddening and disappointing. I like my personal Revolut account and thought getting a business account would be easy.

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They seemed to completely miss the boat and the point of their existence… I too tried to create a business account and had my merchant account turned down… not a problem, just went elsewhere. Not likely to bother with this, never realized they originated in a failed state to begin with!

Same issue with my Ltd in Switzerland! I won’t give up ask them why until I have a proper answer.

Hello, I’m struggling so much to create a bussiness merchant account, I can’t provide some of the documents they ask, because it’s a start-up, I can’t contact any support. This way it’s impossible!
Can someone help me please

Hi, as above I’m trying to open a business account for a new company but am having a lot of difficulty complying with all the requirements. Is there anyone to discuss with? Thanks