Cannot change my card pin in Spain


I have been trying to change my Card pin in Madrid with no success. None is the ATMs I 've tried shows the option to change pin with my revolut card. I’ve tried santander, bbva, bankia, caixa, deutsche, bankinter, ibercaja and some others.
Please help. Tell me which atm will allow changing card pin.


Why don’t you just change your PIN inside the Revolut app?


Unfortunately :r: originates in the UK where pin changing ATM’s are the norm. It seems there are few if any in other countries. Hopefully eventually :r: will find a way of doing this in app.


I can’t.
The app sends me to an atm to change the pin.
See the screen shot.


Countries supporting PIN change

PIN Change is available on all ATM’s that accept MasterCard in some EU countries. With the exception of Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Spain , Finland, and France.


Probably only the UK where it is the standard way of changing your pin.


Not necessarily. PINs of Mastercards that are issued in some of the excluded countries can be changed at ATMs, often only at ATMs from the issuing bank. Seems not all banks implement this feature the same way.

Revolut PINs can be changed on most ATMs in Poland also, people have reported.