Cannot add my USD TransferWise SWIFT account

Hi, Transferwise gives me 2 references for my USD account, one of the references is SWIFT + account number.

When I try to add a beneficiary in the Revolut app, I put "US"for the location of the bank, and USD for currency, but then the only way to enter is by Account number and ACH routing number.

How can I add my TransferWise USD account with SWIFT ?

If Revolut asks for an account number and an ACH routing number, this means that Revolut is going to execute your transfer as a domestic ACH transfer.

I don’t see a compelling reason why anybody would want to use SWIFT if a domestic transfer can be used. (Ok, there is one possible reason: If the domestic transfer is being made by relaying funds through a pooled account, SWIFT could have the advantage that the beneficiary could see the correct origin account on their statement. But I don’t think that this is going to matter when you’re sending to yourself, especially if the account is with TransferWise which conceals this information anyway.)

Can you elaborate why exactly you want to make a SWIFT transfer to TransferWise?