Cannot add a V Pay (VISA) debit card


I tried to add my V Pay debit card to top up my revolut but it says “The payment could not be authorised”

What could be the reason?

Is revolut checking what is the balance on the debit card while adding it? I would like to know whether I can at least add this card before I will transfer there money as it takes time…


Hi there,

I had several issues with my VPAY since Revolut changed it’s payment processor.
Unfortunately, the only thing for me that worked out to solve the problem was to switch to a VISA Classic.

I also used family a moment to top-up my account from their VISA Classic by sending them money first from the account my VPAY was linked to and topping-up in their name with their consent.

Maybe my last paragraph can temporarily solve your problem before changing your main card. :slight_smile:

PS: What I mentioned before was on an account with money on it. Revolut is indeed checking the balance of your VPAY as a VPAY require a systematic authorization before paying. So with no money on your VPAY card means no authorization and so failed addition of the card to Revolut.