Cannot add a new beneficiary


when I try to add a new beneficiary (a company) for a wire transfer , after filling all the fields, I get" oops something went wrong, please try again later".
I m trying to do a wire transfer to an Italian company with a Euro account.

Thank you.


My today’s advise in most cases :joy::
Try to reinstall the app.


Daily a new theme? :laughing:


My bon mot :yum:
But usually works.


It does not work unfortunately. :frowning:


Have it worked in the past? (in your app)


New account, first wire transfer.
The account is verified and it has got a positive balance.


Which system, which app’s revision?


I expierienced this as well. What helped me is to go back to a text box at the top, e.g. the IBAN field and to delete a number and re-type it. After that itusually worked for me.


I have the same issue when i try to add a new beneficiary. I cant transfer money to myself.


I tried to transfer money myself know it has disappeared my account is empty