Cannot access Revolut app on my new phone

Hi there!

I bought a new phone and when i try to access the app it keeps saying to try later after I put my phone number. On the old phone i’m able to access but I cannot do anything as everything seems blocked and I keep receiving an error message. What can I do?

will someone from revolut team bother to answer this query?

Hello I have a similar problem. New phone and I can’t access the app, it says I need to secure my phone with a password, but IT IS SECURED by password, I don’t know what they mean???

Cant contact support because its only in app support

Wtf really frustrating

Please someone help

They’re referring to the PIN code of the phone itself.

(Search/read this forum for alternative ways to contact support. Why are so many assuming in-app chat is the only option :slight_smile: when there’s a web login, social media and even an email address.)

Could you send me the email address (even in PM if you prefer…) ?

Thank you.

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If you want to speed this up, head over to Twitter. I strongly recommend contacting them that way.

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