Cancelling premium

Hi there,

I’m new to Revolut and I’m thinking of getting a premium account but I want to be sure I am able to cancel the subscription if i end up not using it enough.

In the cancellation policy it says that you can cancel anytime with a £14 fee if you are on a monthly plan. However, when I click on to get the premium account it shows a message that it is a 12 month contract that you can pay monthly or upfront.

Does it mean that the monthly plan is no longer available? Or does monthly payment (but 12m contract) means monthly plan (that doesn’t really make sense for me, but I may be wrong)?

I saw here a topic where someone mention they couldn’t cancel the premium that they paid monthly, so Im just wondering how to get the monthly plan that can be cancelled.

I tried life chat, but didn’t manage to get connected with a person.

Thanks for help!

It’s always a 12 month contract. The cancellation fee is basically a penalty for canceling early. This works only if you decide to pay monthly. Paying all 12 months upfront gives you a discount but no option to cancel early.

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