Cancelling Premium Membership


I would like to cancel my premium membership for Revolut. I have had this for 4 months now.

I contacted the live support but I kept getting the response:

You cannot cancel the premium membership after the one-month trail period. You will have to keep paying until the full 12 months are up. If you don’t cancel in month 11 you will have to keep paying for another year.

On the website it does not say this and I believe I can pay a small fee before 10 months are up? And I have been paying monthly and not all upfront with the 14% discount.

Please help, I don’t want anymore money taken from my account


Withdraw the money and disable all payment cards you’ve added


It depends on when you singed up for premium. You can find the terms for cancellation here:

FAQs --> How do I cancel my Premium Subscription?


Can you do that on the app. And how?

I used my revolut card to pay the fees. Shall I just empty the account



See the link on Revolut’s website and on the bottom of this forum.