Cancelling a Bank Transfer


Hi guys. So i recently made a bank transfer from Revolut to a vietnamese bank account, however i was given the wrong SWIFT code when I made the transfer. Is there any way of cancelling this transfer or will the money bounce and return to my account? The transfer was processed 4 working days ago so I am unsure if it is possible. Thanks in advance.


Hi there. Really sorry to hear that. Please contact our in-app support!


Hello I want to cancel a tranfer that i did with the revolut card can you help me?


What do you mean “transfer” with the card? Are you talking about a card transaction or a bank transfer from your Revolut account?


Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to know why I’m being included in this email thread? I did not use my Revolut card in recent months so this conversation is not relevant to me.

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Linda Moran


Hi. I was replying to someone else, sorry for the confusion.


The funniest reaction I’ve read in weeks! :rofl: