Cancelled Transaction pending


I accidentally hit No when it asked the question about you maybe charged for transaction on a bank machine. I went to reuse it and withdraw £40 and it declined due to insufficient funds. Then looked on my app and it says pending and balance zero.

Any info would be much appreciated. How can funds disappear if transaction was not completed?

Hi there.

The transaction is pending at the moment which means that the merchant has not either collected the funds nor declined the transaction.

There are two possible scenarios now: either they will realise the error and decline it, or they will not realise the error and will settle the transaction.

When that happens, you will be able to see that the transaction no longer appears in grey in your transaction history on the app. Then you can just let us know and we will be able to raise a chargeback on your behalf to recoup the funds.


Thanks for the speedy reply. How long does it normally take for them to decline it or for it to settle? I topped my account again and withdrew the next time no bother at all

Going on holiday on Thursday so making sure the card was working but shame I’m short on cash now until it’s sorted

If the merchant doesn’t revert the transaction explicitly, it will be reverted automatically in 7 days. You can expedite the reversal by getting the merchant to send us an email authorising us to reject the payment, along with the authorisation codes.

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Thank you for your help AndreasK

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