Cancelled ATM transaction but looks like money withdrawn from Revolut accout

Hi. I am in turkey on holiday. I cancelled the transaction from ATM but the amount is taken out of my Revolut account. Just spoke to the bank and they say my bank (Revolut) should open a dispute and they will refund the money. Did anyone experience this before?
Thanks for your help

So far I know, this could happen as the ATM make a reservation for 5working days.

After these 5 days the payment will be cancelled as the withdraw dit not succeed.
Had this with an other CC and they told me to wait first 5 working days (and after that it was refunded on the card/the reservation was cancelled)

What happens with the operations cancelled at ATMs?

I made two operations at ATMs in Spain, there was a commission from the ATM bank so I cancelled the operations.

I have not received the money, but this has been deducted from my Revolut account.
You inform me that the money will be refunded maximum in 1 week.

I believe that it is an insufficient operation. The same cancellation operation with another card has been cashed and returned immediately.

I really like the Revolut card and I recommend it, but how is it possible for you to take a week to manage an operation as usual as cancellation at an ATM?

This is not just to criticize, it can be an important improvement point for the Revolut product.

–Confirm the automatic return after 7 days of the operation canceled and pending status.

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Two possible outcomes.
If the transaction is ‘Pending’ it will be reverted within 5 days or less back to your account.
If it has moved to ‘Completed’’ you are in for a bout 45-50 days of waiting time for your refund. Make sure to raise the issue with Revolut themselves if that’s the case.

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